Sleek custom-made radiator and pipe conversion, by Gerben

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Created a cove around the pipes and built a radiator conversion in a new baby room to shield the warm elements and subsequently did the same in a parent bedroom

Work description: how have you completed your project

First measure the height, width and depth of the rooms and measure where the cables and pipes should be placed. These were checked and the dimensions determined what space remained.

Consequently, construction drawings and design were developed and put on paper.

Dimensions were taken from the construction drawing and placed on the website of, which works best if you make a list of supplies in advance, this saves a lot of time filling out the form. The order is then confirmed and the materials received on the desired date.

Final size: What are the external dimensions?

300x93x20 mm and 270x93x20mm

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How next?

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€ 249,97

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