MDF radiator casing, by Jack

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Jack made a radiator casing from MDF Blank. He had us cut the material to size and processed the plates himself for the finishing touch. For example, he coated the MDF with a white lacquer and made the recesses for the legs.

Description of Jack

MDF is a very suitable material for making a radiator casing. It is a structurally strong board and is used for countless indoor projects. MDF blank is the most standard shape and is often chosen for its smooth surface and because it is easy to work with . MDF blank has an absorbent effect, which makes it important to properly prime the material with a primer before painting it. The ends require some extra attention. There are various options to counteract the absorbent effect of the end edges. Take a look at our handy tip: This is how you paint the end sides made of MDF.

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