Play corner with oak top and IKEA SMÅSTAD system, by Yvette

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Very easy

2 minutes

Yvette has created a very nice play corner. She ordered the oak panel from us and attached it to the existing furniture. High tack kit has also been used on various parts, which makes the whole sturdy. 

Play corner with oak top and Ikea Smastad system, by Yvette

We have created a play corner using the Ikea Smastad, an oak top and scaffolding tubes 40mm incl. coupling. The backboard is treated with ground magnet & blackboard paint.

How I made this project

I started assembling the Ikea furniture. After this we attached the leather handles (purchased elsewhere online). After this we started working on the oak leaf. We chose to sand it with 120 grit and finish the edges ourselves. The top is quite 'sharp' without edge finishing, something will have to be done about this. After sanding, the top is treated with an aging oil to protect and color it. The upright plank is attached to the top using high-tack kit and four screws.

After these preparations, we attached the scaffolding parts (purchased elsewhere online) to the underside of the top. We opted for scaffolding parts of approximately 42mm, see also the photos. Following this, the top was placed on the Ikea furniture. We have chosen to attach this to the bottom (from the inside) of the furniture with high-tack kit and four screws.

The last part is the backboard. This was first primed on the front and rear. After drying, we applied 3 layers of magnetic paint and then 3 layers of chalk paint (advice from the paint store). The board is partly supported on the plinth and is equally 'thick' ordered as the skirting board. We also screwed it to the oak leaf and the Ikea Furniture.

Dimensions of my DIY project

210.0 x 52.1 x 50.0 cm (L x W x H )

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How next?

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