MDF shelf wall in studio/workspace

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I made a planning wall in my studio/workspace. For this I used normal wall brackets in combination with MDF shelves. In the future, doors will be added here to create a calmer whole.

How did you make the wall?

The goal of the project was to make one wall with all the storage space. occupies the entire space. No extra cabinets. The cupboard in the corner in the photo is going away. The next step is to make doors in black MDF.

For these wall shelves I used normal vertical brackets. This was residual material that I was able to reuse. Because there is a tube at the bottom of the wall, I had to deal with a very strange height. As a result, I had to cut all vertical brackets shorter.

Because it is a wide wall: (370.0 cm) I used two planks of 185.0 cm for each piece.
br />The sketch in Sketchup is only intended to calculate the dimensions.

What are the dimensions?

The dimensions are 370.0 cm wide x 120.0 cm high.

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How next?

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