Panel cabinet Plywood Poplar 30 mm, by Tim

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2 minutes


For my modest record collection I made a cabinet that also fits my record player and where I can hide my SONOS speaker and accessories.

Work description: how did you realize your project

Before the start I made a drawing on my computer of the ideal record cabinet. Two trays for the records and in between a plateau for the record player. I want to be able to place my SONOS speaker under the plateau and there will be a wall behind it to store the cables, amplifier, etc. I used dowels and wood glue to fix the planks. Because all the planks fall into each other, the construction itself is very sturdy. I started drilling the holes. I'm not that handy, so it didn't go as perfect with every hole as I wanted, but because you can't see the attachment points at all, I could occasionally smuggle by drilling the second hole. When I had drilled all the holes, I put the cabinet together with glue. On the bottom plate I glued the right side first, turned it over and attached it to the bottom. Then the same with the left side and finally the plateau. In the end I drilled some holes for the cables and bought 2 steel legs to put the box on. The shelves were just the right size, so it all fit perfectly. I am very happy with my cabinet.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

125,0 cm × 50,0 cm × 73,0 cm

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