Making a painting from MDF, by Petra

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Very easy

2 minutes

That MDF for many purposes is common knowledge. It is perhaps not so obvious that you can also make art from MDF. Be inspired by Petra's painting, which she made from several pieces MDF Naturel. She processed the material in an artistic way and attached it together into one whole.

Would you like to know more about MDF?

MDF belongs to the fiber board family. The plate consists of wood fibers that have been compressed under high pressure. This makes the material easy to machine: the material does not splinter when milling and sawing. The fibers are held together by resin. This means that it is important to thoroughly degrease the material before painting. The material also has an absorbent effect. It is therefore only suitable for indoor applications and in dry conditions: ideal as a basis for a painting (frame)!

Working on MDF

The end edges of MDF require some extra work. attention. There are various options to counteract the absorbent effect of the end edges: use diluted wood glue with some water, filler or a special edge sealer. If you want to use MDF as a basis for your painting or picture frame, please keep this in mind.

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