Art on oval panels of MDF Blank panels, by Claudia

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Very easy

1 minuut

As an artist you can also contact us for the basis of a new work of art. For example, artist Claudia chose oval panels made of MDF, after which she artistically transformed them into a work of art. MDF is a sheet material that is easy to work with, making it ideal as a base. Curious about the result of her artwork? Take a quick look here!

Description by Claudia

I have been an artist for over 9 years and I am always looking for beautiful formats. 

How I made this project

I wanted to start painting on round panels and I found on the internet. Received a quote, placed an order and they started working immediately. I received the round panels in order and immediately started pre-treating them. I applied texture elements to the surface and let them dry for more than a week. I then applied transparent layers of acrylic paints until I was satisfied with the composition and light/shadow.

Dimensions of my DIY project

90.0 cm diameter

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How next?

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