Make your own TV/audio furniture from oak wood panels, by Jannie

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3 minutes

The perfect centerpiece for your living room: a self-made TV/audio unit.

Imagine: a beautiful, custom-made TV/audio unit made of oak wood panels, precisely adapted to your living room. That is exactly what Jannie has achieved. With this DIY project you not only have a unique piece of furniture, but also a new central eye-catcher in your home.

Design and color

The furniture is constructed from oak carpentry panels that have been expertly stained in a rich brown shade, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The structure of the wood remains visible, which emphasizes the natural character. This project proves that with a little creativity and the right materials from, you can make beautiful furniture yourself.

Functionality meets design

The handy layout with drawers provide storage space for all kinds of multimedia equipment and accessories. In addition, there is a pull-out shelf for a record player. This means that the piece of furniture combines functionality with design and is a real showpiece.

Integration into the living room

The piece of furniture fits perfectly into the living room. It is in line with the rest of the interior and the brown shade of the panels harmonizes beautifully with the floor and available accessories. It is clear that this piece of furniture gives a personal touch to the room.

Benefits of making it yourself

One of the biggest advantages of this DIY project is the flexibility in dimensions. Jannie was able to make the furniture exactly the size needed for her space. There is also freedom in materials; the choice of Oak carpentry panels A/B 27 mm for the top and Oak carpentry panels A/B 19 mm for the construction, chosen and sawn to size by, testifies to quality and sustainability.

h2>The style of Jannie's furniture

The style of the furniture is timeless and elegant. Due to the clean lines and simplistic design, combined with the robust appearance of the oak, the furniture has the potential to last for generations, while retaining a modern flair.

The charm of oak

Oak wood is and remains a favorite among do-it-yourselfers. It is strong, durable and there is a natural beauty that only gets better with age. Oak carpentry panels are also easy to edit and finish to personal taste.

Oak Carpentry Panel A/B 27 mm and Oak Carpentry Panel A/B 19 mm are both ideal for interior projects such as this TV/audio furniture. They offer stability and an aesthetically pleasing whole and are a responsible investment for those who appreciate quality and appearance.

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How next?

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