Make your own desk and cupboard for children, by Sjoerd

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2 minutes

A creative corner for children

Are you looking for a way to create a personal and functional corner in the children's room? Using, Sjoerd has created a unique desk and matching cabinet that will enrich any child's room. In this inspiration project we take you through the creation of this piece of furniture and show you how you can create a similar piece in your home.

Design and realization

The project consists consisting of a sturdy, custom-made desk with a natural oak finish, combined with a matching cabinet for extra storage space. The oak carpentry panel A/B of 27 mm thickness provides a warm and timeless appearance. Strategically placed against a wall, the desk provides ample surface space for drawing, homework and other creative activities. The details show that Sjoerd has thought about both functionality and style: the corners are beautifully rounded for a soft look and safety.

Color scheme and style

The natural wood color of the oak panel blends seamlessly into the rest of the space. The combination with the white cabinet provides a modern, clean look that radiates tranquility in the children's room. The contrast between the warm wood tone and the fresh white makes it an eye-catcher.

Perfection in the children's room

This desk and cabinet fit perfectly in the children's room. The materials and colors have been chosen to create an environment that is both stimulating for children's creativity and quiet enough to allow them to concentrate on school work.

Benefits of making it yourself

By By making the desk and cabinet himself with materials from, Sjoerd had the freedom to tailor the sizes and materials completely to the needs and space. In addition, making it yourself is often cheaper than purchasing ready-made furniture. The result is a unique, personal design that fits perfectly with the rest of the space.

The style of the project

Sjoerd has opted for a Scandinavian style, where simplicity, minimalism and functionality is central. The clear lines and natural materials contribute to a timeless appearance that brings peace and harmony to the room.

The advantage of oak

Oak carpentry panel A/B is not only beautiful to look, but also durable and sturdy. The natural character of the wood adds atmosphere to any child's room and the quality of the material ensures that the desk and cupboard last a long time. An investment in quality for now and for the future.

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