Homemade children's desk including book drawer made of MDF, by Rogier

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Very easy

1 minuut

Description by Rogier

We have made a beautiful children's desk with space for books and a back wall to hang things. For this we used the 18mm thick planks from the order (the other 12mm thick planks were used for another project).

How I made this project

First of all, we made the end grain edges of the MDF planks are finished with the supplied edge sealer. After this, we painted the planks in the desired color. The next step was to attach the planks together, which we did with wood glue. Plank by plank and each time with a clamp so that the whole is sturdy. After gluing, we carefully sanded down any glue residue and imperfections. Finally, we painted the entire desk a few times again, resulting in a beautiful children's desk (and a happy child!).

Dimensions of my DIY project

Height 80.0 cm x width 80.0 cm x depth 40.0 cm. Back wall: 80.0 x 80.0 Desktop: 40.0 x 41.8 Bottom of book section: 36.4 x 38.2 Left wall: 40.0 x 42.0 Center wall: 40.0 x 42.0 Right wall: 40.0 0 x 43.8 Front bookshelf: 8 x 36.4 Middle bookshelf: 13 x 36.4 Rear bookshelf: 18 x 36.4

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