Floating hollow MDF shelves made to measure, by Mark

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2 minutes

Floating shelves look great in a niche. And these are very easy to make yourself, as Mark shows in this DIY project. He ordered custom MDF online. And by choosing a mitered finish, he was able to achieve an extra sleek result.

Description of Mark

Hollow MDF planks with floating attachment in a niche by means of wooden slats on the wall. Clamped in the niche to create a sturdy construction

How I made this project

- planks measured using the laser meter
- 12 mm thick MDF planks mitered sawn. This is the minimum thickness of MDF plank for miter sawing
- thin slat for end edge 5.1 mm wide so that a standard pine slat of 27mm wide fits between it
- planks placed together with the long side and taped
- glue the mitered sides and glue a beam to get between the two planks
- fold the planks on top of each other and secure them with tape
- let the glue dry and in the meantime saw the wooden slats for wall mounting
- chamfer the corners of the slats so that the plank slides easily over them
- use a laser meter and spirit level to determine and mark the height per slat
- drill holes
- sand hollow planks to size where necessary - slide planks over the slats and you're done

Dimensions of my DIY project

56.0 cm by 33.0 cm per plank
Wall height 292.0 cm

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How next?

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