Cupboard for hall; storage space and disposal of litter boxes, by Joris

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Description by Joris

I made a storage cupboard for the entrance, with a hidden litter box at the bottom and room for coats and plenty of storage. I first had a messy open closet. The presence of the telephone and the radiator on the wall made it difficult to find a well-fitting cabinet. I also wanted to hide the litter boxes. The cats are very happy with their new litter box, and I am also very pleased with the lots of extra storage space.

How I made this project

I measured the dimensions of the hallway . Then I drew a 3D model in which the litter box would fit. From there I measured the dimensions of the necessary plates, and ordered them on When the plates arrived, I attached them to each other with screws according to the 3D model. I then varnished the MDF with a transparent varnish, and I painted the edges of the MDF with a yellow color.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The cabinet is 260.0 cm high and 60.0 cm wide.

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