Creating storage space with plywood for the attic, by Stephan

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Storage space in the attic. To neatly store our things, I created storage space under the sloping part of the attic. This way everything is neatly tidy and out of sight.

DIY bulkhead for the attic

Everything starts, of course, with making a plan. Now I had also created a similar storage space in another part of the attic, so I already knew what it should look like.
First I started by collecting the right materials for making the frame.

I then made the frame with beams of 5x3.5 cm. I was able to attach the side beams of the frame to the existing wooden frame beams of the roof. I attached the top and bottom beam with corner connectors.
I then measured the panels on the frame and used these dimensions to order the panels online at

The dimensions of the project

I used 3 panels, two fixed side panels and a removable center panel.
Dimensions outside panel are 86.0 x 85.0 cm
And size of center panel 100.0 x 85.0 cm

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