Create a stylish children's corner with storage cupboard and desk, by Arian

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3 minutes

Design your own children's corner with Arian

Are you looking for a way to create a playful but organized children's corner in your home? Arian shows you how you can create a children's corner, storage cupboard and children's desk in one in no time with a tailor-made project. This inspirational project is the perfect addition to any living room or playroom.

Custom storage cupboard and desk

Arian has opted for a seamless integration of a storage cupboard and a children's desk in this children's corner. The furniture pieces are made of Underlayment Radiata Pine B/C 18 mm wood, which is sawn to size by The warm wood color and unique grains of this material contribute to a natural and soothing atmosphere in the play area.

The construction

The storage cupboard and children's desk are designed with precision and attention to detail. put together, so they fit perfectly in Arian's living room. The structure is designed in such a way that there is plenty of space for toys and craft supplies, while the desk offers enough space for drawing and learning activities.

Functional details

The children's desk has a wide work surface and handy storage compartments underneath. The storage cabinet, with its sleek handle, is not only stylish, but also practical because of the space it offers for larger items. These unique touches make Arian's project special.

The benefits of DIY furniture

By building a storage cabinet and children's desk yourself, you have complete control over the size and design. This means that you can create a solution that exactly suits your needs and budget. Choosing your own material guarantees quality and personal style.

The perfect fit

The Arian children's corner fits beautifully in the playroom and makes optimal use of the available space. The warm colors, natural appearance and robust materials make the corner a unique and functional corner of the house.

A style that continues to inspire

The Scandinavian style chosen by Arian, with its minimalist design and focus on functionality and natural elements, is ideal for a children's corner. The clear lines and type of wood fit seamlessly with this style and offer a timeless source of inspiration.

The charm of Underlayment Radiata Pine

Underlayment Radiata Pine B/C 18 mm is an excellent type of wood for every do-it-yourselfer. The wood is light and easy to work with, perfect for cutting to size and creating furniture. With its sturdy structure and attractive appearance, this wood is a great choice for creating a durable children's corner.

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