Create a play corner in the living room with a do-it-yourself children's desk, by Maarten

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3 minutes

A play paradise in your living room

Do you want to upgrade the living room with a place where your child can express themselves creatively? Maarten has solved this beautifully by combining a play corner and children's desk into a stylish and functional piece of furniture. This project is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to get started with a DIY project.

The perfect children's desk for every day

The result is an inviting children's desk that is completely custom designed for young users. With its natural appearance it fits seamlessly into the modern living room. The open compartments provide space for toys and craft supplies, while the robust worktop invites you to draw and build. The desk is made of 18 mm thick pine wood panels, which have retained their natural wood color, creating a warm and homely atmosphere.

The unique details of Maarten's masterpiece

What makes this project so what makes it special are the unique details. The round finish of the worktop, the cleverly placed spaces for books and drawings, and the playfully divided storage compartments. Each part is carefully finished and exudes craftsmanship. The wooden elements come from, which means that the quality and precision of the sawing work are beyond dispute.

The living room: a place for the whole family

Why does this work? children's desk so good in a living room? The answer is simple: due to the understated design and natural materials, the furniture blends perfectly with both the interior and everyday life. A place where your child is close by while you relax or work. This project shows that a play corner does not have to be loud or flashy to be attractive and functional.

Making your own play corner: your advantages

The major benefits of making your own play corner are the complete freedom in design and dimensions and the cost savings. You choose the dimensions that perfectly fit the available space in the living room. You also select the material that suits your style and budget. A do-it-yourself project like this not only invites creativity, but also provides a unique and personal result.

The stylish finishing touch

Maartens children's desk has a timeless look that suits various interior styles. The visible wood grains and natural color of the pine panels create a light and airy atmosphere, while the simple design exudes modernity. This style fits in with the contemporary trend of minimalism and sustainability and makes it an asset to any interior.

The charm of pine carpentry panel

Pine carpentry panel is a commonly used material in DIY -self projects, and not without reason. Pine wood is known for its easy workability and warm, natural appearance. It is a durable choice that, with a thickness of 18 mm, provides stability and a robust look. The unique character of the wood adds an authentic element to the play corner, making it unique

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