Beech table top, by John

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Small desk with a Beech Timber Panel as the tabletop. The tabletop is coated with a clear oil to maintain the natural look of Beech.

The top is mounted on U-shaped table legs.

Work Description: How Did You Realize Your Project?

First, we selected the table legs for the desk. Because the width of the table legs is 60.0 cm and the skirting board thickness is 18 mm, we needed a tabletop of 64.0 cm.
This size is not standardly available in the hardware store, and I don't have a saw bench myself, so I searched online. I quickly found

Ideal! I first saved my shopping cart and sent it to my email to sleep on it overnight. The next day, I placed the order, and within four days, I had the Beech Timber Panel at home. I coated the tabletop and after 48 hours of drying, screwed the U-legs underneath, and voila, it's done...

Final Size: What are the external dimensions?

Length: 78.0 cm
Width: 64.0 cm
Thickness of the top is 30 mm

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