Make your own stylish white coffee table for the living room, by Ger

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A stylish and practical coffee table in the living room by Ger

Need inspiration for a DIY project that is both stylish and practical? Then look at the realization of this beautiful white coffee table that fits perfectly in the living room. Through the collaboration with, this project was brought to a successful conclusion.

Details of the DIY project

Ger chose a minimalist and timeless design for his homemade coffee table. The sleek white surface and robust but simple shape make it an eye-catcher in any interior. The wood was sawn to size specifically for this project by Ger assembled the different parts into a final product that not only looks beautiful, but is also durable.

The living room as the perfect place

The living room is often the heart of the home, and this coffee table fits in seamlessly with that. With its calm white color and harmonious proportions, this table fits beautifully with the red sofas and wooden floor, and offers a practical surface for everyday use.

Benefits of your own creation

Designing and assembling furniture yourself has many advantages. Ger had complete freedom over the dimensions and material, so the end product fully met his personal preferences and budget. Making this coffee table yourself shows that customization does not have to be expensive.

The elegant simplicity of the coffee table

This do-it-yourself coffee table has a contemporary look with a touch of Scandinavian style. The simplicity of the design ensures that the piece of furniture comes into its own in various interior designs.

Pine carpentry panel for durability and appearance

Pine wood is known for its natural appearance and is particularly suitable for furniture projects. A thickness of 28 mm was used for this coffee table, which not only gives the table a robust appearance, but also good durability. Pine carpentry panels are easy to work with, paint or stain, making them ideal for Ger's DIY project.

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How next?

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