A smart bedside cabinet conversion with Ikea Metod cabinets, by Anika

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Anika shows how she created a beautiful and smart bed frame with the help of the Ikea Metod cabinets. By ordering custom-made Pellos floor panels, she was able to start working on her project immediately. Read more about her experience below. 

Description by Anika

We don't have room for a normal wardrobe in the bedroom, so we thought a cupboard built around the bed would be a smart solution.

How I made this project

1) Bought kitchen cabinets from Ikea (METOD series), looked at the suitable sizes in the kitchen planner
2) mounted the cabinets on the wall and then measured the cupboard all around
3) ordered custom-made pine planks that fit exactly around the frame + extra shelves for a blind bookshelf
4) hold the shelves in the right place with glue clamps and pre-drill from the inside of the cabinet and secure with screws (note: do not screw through the shelves).
5) bookshelf: make square beams (desired depth of the bookshelf) on a long beam (width of the hole for the bed) as an inner frame for the blank wall shelf. The thin bottom plank made of spruce glued to the frame. Also glued the shelf to the front. When it is dry, attach the frame with the long beam (at many points for strength) to the wall and to the side of the cupboard. Then glue a thin pine plank to the top of the frame.
6) I also made sockets in the cupboard using camping power strips. These are shallower than normal power strips and therefore fit exactly into the double shelf (cupboard wall and pine shelf). I have hidden the cords behind the cupboard.

Dimensions of my DIY project

270.0 cm wide x 230.0 cm high x 40.0 cm deep

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How next?

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