Ceiling high doors and side panel for Ikea Pax wardrobe, by Romano

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2 minutes

Romano has equipped his Ikea PAX wardrobe with beautiful custom-sawn pine doors. He ordered this online so that he could start his job immediately. Read more about his approach and experience on the blog.

Description of Romano

We use an Ikea Pax wardrobe as a room divider in the bedroom. That is why we wanted ceiling-high doors. Ikea does not supply that and buying ready-made is expensive. By ordering custom panels online I can be sure that all doors (6) are the same size.

How I made this project

Measuring the width of Ikea Pax doors. Measure the height from floor to ceiling in various places. The distance is never the same everywhere. For the side panel, the shortest height minus 0.5 cm was used. The shortest height minus 2 cm was used for the doors. These dimensions are entered when ordering. I used the hinges from Ikea. For this you still have to drill blind holes in the cabinet door. Then it is wise to order the remaining pieces. I used a narrow plank from the scrap pieces to make a template for the drill holes. Then you can be sure that the hinges are in the same place on all doors. I used a 18 x 28 mm pine slat as a handle. They come in a length of 270 cm (from the hardware store). So they all became 130 cm long. Then secured from the inside with wood glue and 5 thin screws to center size 4 cm. Be sure to pre-drill otherwise your slat will split. The great thing about this online sawmill is that it is now more of a kit. The panels were delivered at 8:30 am and the job was completed at 4:30 pm. Then clean up the tools and vacuum. Starting tomorrow with priming and then painting.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Side panel: 259.5 x 93.6 cm
Doors: 258.0 x 49.5 cm

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Romano's saw list and complete your order easily.

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