A custom-made vinyl furniture, by Ulrich

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Make your own vinyl furniture from plywood? Ulrich made this simple piece of furniture to measure for his living room. Be inspired by his design!

Description from Ulrich

In order to store the records properly, we have been building a vinyl cabinet for the living room out of 18 mm multiplex boards over the last few weeks.

How I did this project

We spent a long time looking at what we would like to have to store our records and came up with the idea of ​​building a cabinet with 8 drawers. The record players should be integrated at the top and embedded in the top plate of the cabinet. The cut-outs are precisely tailored to the record players and mixer. All the cables find their place hidden under the top plate. There are two slide-in compartments/holders on the right and left for the records currently playing so you have direct access. The remaining 200 pieces of boards fit in the drawers.

Dimensions of my DIY project

1730mm x 450mm x 900mm

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How next?

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