A children's play table custom-made from Finnish spruce, by Ans

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Ans shows how he made a custom children's play table. Instead of buying a standard model online, she started working with custom-sawn Finnish spruce that she ordered online. The result is a beautiful gaming table that can be played on for years to come.

Description by Ans

A children's gaming table from Fins Vuren. A children's play table is available online and my daughter-in-law wanted to buy this for our granddaughter. I thought this price was very expensive and decided to check the size and, because Fins Spruce is not available in normal hardware stores, I ordered it online and got started myself. Everyone is very happy with the result!!

How I made this project

I saw this children's play table online and the sizes were included. I then followed these sizes and ordered them. Finnish Spruce. I screwed the top to the side panels first, adding slats as an extra to screw on. Then the front slats were mitered. Then I started on the separate toy box and first screwed on slats for strength. Drilled a small hole in the front and tied a rope through it and attached flat wheels to the bottom so that it can be moved.

Dimensions of my DIY project

115.0 cm

Dimensions of my DIY project

115.0 cm


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How next?

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