Birch plywood alternatives

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Plywood birch panels are suitable for decorative and structural purposes. It is a versatile and strong panel material that is easy to work with, has a popular appearance and clean, finished edges as the panels are built up from multiple layers.

Plywood birch: a popular wood species for many interior projects

The panel is very popular for several reasons:

  1. Its appearance: light colour and a subtle flame
  2. The hardness of the wood species 
  3. The waterproof bonding
  4. Its strong properties

In addition, plywood birch also has some drawbacks: It is currently very difficult to obtain and, due to high-demand and low availability, expensive. Check out our selected alternative products directly below, or scroll down to read more about availability and why we think these are the best alternatives.

The availability of plywood birch

Birch plywood is a popular type of wood for its appearance with a white, soft flame and its structure in terms of layers. A disadvantage of plywood birch is the supply problems from abroad, mainly Russia. You can therefore imagine that plywood birch is currently very difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. A few thicknesses are still in stock, but this is decreasing every day. Bekijk hier de multiplex berken opties we still have available.

Why is plywood birch expensive?

Because the panel material is currently hard to come by, but demand is still high, plywood birch prices are currently above-normal. We were able to maintain a good stock level for a long time, but our stock levels are also dwindling. Want to know which options are still available? Bekijk ze hier.

Plywood birch alternatives

Alternatives in terms of appearance

We have listed some alternative options for you on this page. For example Populieren Multiplex is a very good alternative in terms of appearance, only the wood type is a bit softer. The advantage is that it is somewhat cheaper and many thicknesses are also available per square metre.

Another alternative is Populieren Multiplex met alleen een Berken toplaag. This panel material has a birch top layer, but a plywood poplar core. This way, as little material as possible is used and you still have the beautiful top layer of real birch. The edges are therefore different from those of full birch plywood, but you have exactly the same material as the top layer.

Alternatives in terms of hardness

Are you looking for a hard wood species for your project? Then hardhouten multiplex or hardhout multiplex met een Esdoorn toplaag is a good alternative. Maple, like Birch, is a somewhat harder wood and also light in colour. The flame of Maple wood is only slightly more pronounced and with a bit more relief than in Birch.

Alternatives in terms of waterproof bonding

If you are looking for a material that is resistant to water, Populieren Multiplex Duraply is a good alternative. The panel is specially developed and protected to preserve the quality of both the wood and the bonding over the long term. An innovative treatment makes the panel exceptionally durable, even after sanding or machining. This panel can withstand moisture and can last 15 years if properly finished.

Alternatives in terms of structural board material

Are you looking for a strong panel as an alternative to plywood birch and is sight quality less important? Then take a look at Multiplex Aziatisch goldplex. This panel material is composed of several hardwood veneer layers that form a strong whole. Because the board is made up of different types of wood, there may be colour differences between them. The advantage of this material is that it is reasonably priced!

Other alternatives

In addition to these selected alternatives, we have many plywood species. See all our plywood plywood materials here.