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Product information

  • Popular, warm appearance
  • Strong wood species
  • Durable
  • Easy to process
  • Low visual quality


Plywood Empira Mahogany D/D is a versatile board material that is both practical and aesthetic. It is made of high-quality mahogany veneer and has a warm appearance. The material is durable, resistant to warping and easy to work with. It is ideal for furniture, wall coverings and decorative elements. Plywood Empira Mahogany D/D offers designers and DIYers a reliable choice for high-quality projects. It combines natural beauty, durability and versatility to achieve stunning results. 

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Product properties

Specific gravity (kg/m3)750
Face gradeD/D
Thickness10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm
Type Plywood
VariantMultiplex Empira Mahonie D/D
GrainYes, lengthwise
Application (climate)Outside, if pre-treated
Wood type of surface layerMahogany
CorePlywood / triplex
Functional useConstruction and lumber
ColourRed (wood)
Glue typeWBP, Exterior
Quality markFSC® certified
Sheet structureMultiple layers
Top layer typeUnfinished
Top layer2 sides


  • Interior and exterior joinery
  • Interior finishing
  • Yacht and shipbuilding
  • Doors and frames
  • Table tops
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Storage cases
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Order Plywood Empira Mahogany D/D cut-to-size boards online

Order your cut-to-size Plywood Empira Mahogany D/D easily online. Plywood can be cut or milled to size in various shapes. The most popular shape here is a rectangle, but we also mill circles, ovals, hexagons or even parallelograms to size for you. Do you want a neat finish for your DIY project? Then choose one of the available (edge) finishes.

Plywood Empira Mahogany D/D: what is that?

Plywood consists of several layers of wood veneer. These layers are glued together crosswise, making the board very strong and barely warpable. These are therefore directly the advantages of plywood compared to solid wood, which is why it is often used in constructions. Due to the layers, the end edges of plywood are beautiful to look at and are often kept in sight. Plywood is made from solid wood, it therefore has properties that solid wood can also have. Long boards may therefore have a slight curvature and there may be colour differences between individual boards.


Empira Mahogany is a type of wood known for its beauty and durability. It is a natural material derived from the mahogany tree (Swietenia macrophylla), a species of tree native to certain regions of South America.

One of the main characteristics of Empira Mahogany is its durability. The wood is naturally resistant to insects, rot and decay, making it suitable for outdoor applications such as terraces, cladding and garden furniture. Indoors, it is often used for flooring, furniture and decorative elements.

Besides its visual appeal and durability, Empira Mahogany is also valued for its stability. It tends to shrink and expand less than other woods, making it a good choice for applications where dimensional stability is important.

However, it is important to note that the mahogany tree is threatened by excessive logging in some regions. As a result, it is important to ensure that Empira Mahogany comes from sustainably managed sources. Using certified wood can help preserve the mahogany tree and preserve the environment.

Overall, Empira Mahogany is a beautiful wood species with a warm appearance, durability and stability. It is widely used in both indoor and outdoor applications and offers a timeless beauty that will last for years.

Colour and look

Empira Mahogany has a rich, deep red colour with dark streaks, giving it an elegant appearance. The wood is known for its fine texture and even grain, making it easy to work and polish. It can take on a beautiful sheen when properly finished.

Visibility quality D/D

The quality of plywood surface layers is indicated by letter combinations and refers to the visual assessment of plywood wood. There is a letter designation for the visible side (top) and one for the reverse side (bottom). It refers to the quality of the deck veneer, the quality of the gluing, for example, is indicated differently. Read here more about all view qualities.

This board material has the visible side D/D. This means that both top layers have the same visible side. A plywood panel with the visible side D/D may have some imperfections, such as colour variations, small knots, stains, repairs or other irregularities. These imperfections may affect the appearance of the wood, but generally do not significantly affect its strength and durability.

D/D plywood is often used in applications where aesthetics are not a top priority, such as structural applications, formwork, flooring underlays, packaging and so on. It is an economical choice that still meets the basic requirements of quality and functionality.

It is important to note that visibility qualities may vary depending on local standards and specifications. Therefore, when buying plywood, it is advisable to consult the specific ratings and standards of the manufacturer or supplier to ensure it meets the requirements for the intended application.

All in all, D/D sight grade plywood offers an acceptable appearance for applications where aesthetics are not a top priority, while still providing the necessary strength and durability.

Available thicknesses of Plywood Empira Mahogany D/D

Plywood Empira Mahogany D/D} can be ordered in different thicknesses. You can easily specify your desired thickness during the ordering process. This way, you can be sure that the panel material meets your requirements: both the size and thickness of the material. The following thicknesses are available: 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm and 18 mm.

Edit Plywood Empira Mahogany D/D.

Plywood Empira Mahogany D/D is a relatively soft panel material type within the plywood family. It is easy to work with both hand tools and machine tools. Make sure you have sharp tools for minimal splintering. For drilling holes, we recommend a wood drill with a centring point. Pre-drilling is recommended, but not necessary.

Because of its light colour and neutral appearance, poplar wood is often used for painting and veneering, accepting paint or veneer finishes well. This board material can discolour over time, so finish it with a (clear) lacquer, stain or paint. This way, you accentuate the natural beauty of the wood. Use an edge sealer to finish the edges of plywood, this will prevent the lacquer or stain from soaking into the plywood, which can lead to the veneer layers coming loose. 

Are you going to use Plywood Empira Mahogany D/D? Then it is important to seal the edges with an edge sealer. To enjoy the project outdoors for a long time, this board material still needs protection from damp weather conditions.

Specific uses of Plywood Empira Mahogany D/D

Because of its hardness and durability, mahogany is suitable for a wide range of applications. Thanks to the combination of plywood and the attractive mahogany veneer, it offers both durability and aesthetic value. 

Overall, plywood Empira Mahogany board material is suitable for any application where durability, aesthetics and versatility are required. It is a reliable and attractive material that can stand the test of time and add a touch of elegance to various projects. Examples include furniture, doors and frames, interior finishes, cabinets, veneers and wooden toys.

Alternatives for Plywood Empira Mahogany D/D

Is Plywood Empira Mahogany D/D not the right type of wood for your job after all, or are you looking for a plywood variant that is easy to treat with a lacquer or paint and suitable for outdoor use? Then go for multiplex okoumé watervast gegrond. Or check out our other plywood panels below:

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