DIY projects with OSB and inspiration for this board material can be found on the inspiration blog for DIY enthusiasts. The DIY blog of OPMAATZAGEN.nl is full of creative projects made with OSB. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced handyman, anyone can use OSB. OSB is totally hot, but how do you put this material to good use? Don't worry! Using OSB is not difficult. With handyman tips from us and other creative handymen, working with OSB will be even easier. Using OSB is very popular at the moment, and because it is a relatively inexpensive material, you can keep up with the latest trend. That's why the OPMAATZAGEN.nl job blog is the place to go for your OSB job inspiration. Using OSB but you don't have a sawing machine at home? Not to worry, OPMAATZAGEN.nl delivers cut-to-size OSB to your home. Doing odd jobs with OSB? OSB can be used for everything. The material is suitable for making partitions, using it for furniture or a trendy wall shelf. However, we recommend sanding and varnishing the material well, don't feel like it? Using OSB that has already been varnished? Did you know that you can also buy pre-painted OSB: ideal for the realisation of your next project.

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