Shelves for bookcase from old panel door cupboard, by Harry

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Harry made shelves using 28mm pine carpentry panel. In his old bookcase, with historic panel doors from Egypt, these custom shelves have created space for storing books. 

Description of Harry

We have made a built-in bookcase to replace the existing separate bookcase. The doors of the cupboard are old panel doors from Egypt, making it an eye-catcher in our interior.

How I made this project

For this project we made a bookcase with old panel doors. These panel doors come from Egypt. The panel doors were lye-treated to remove the paint. The total height of the bookcase is 245 cm; the height of the panel doors is 232 cm. The frame of the cabinet is made of pine wood. The outer casing of the cabinet is constructed with gypsum fiber boards. Spruce carpentry panel 28 mm was used as shelves, which we ordered online. Notch slats and wooden frames were used to attach the shelves, so that the height of the shelves can always be adjusted.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Total dimensions of the bookcase

Width: 116.0 cm

Depth: 36.0 cm

Height: 245.0 cm

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