DIY shelves for breads in a bakery shop, by Loes

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3 minutes

Make unique bread boards for your bakery yourself

Do you dream of a rustic and functional addition to your shop design? Loes showed how with a little creativity and the help of you can create an attractive and practical loaf display in your bakery. Sturdy and stylish planks were used in this project, perfectly tailored to the sizes needed for her bakery.

Practical and stylish solution

The custom-sawn Beech Carpentry Panel A/B 27 mm planks form the basis of this project. Thanks to their natural appearance and robust quality, they are not only functional, but they also really add something to the interior of the store. These breadboards fit perfectly with the warm appearance of a bakery, where the smell of freshly baked bread hangs in the air and the artisanal products take center stage.

Wood with character

Beech wood stands out known for its durability and beautiful, even grain, making it a popular choice for interior projects like this. Loes has chosen to honor the natural color of the wood, so that the focus is entirely on the breads. In addition, beech wood with its natural color variations makes each piece unique, which contributes to an authentic ambiance of the bakery shop.

A perfect match with the store environment

The bread shelves are placed against a neutral background that harmonizes with the warm wood and golden brown tones of the bread. This project proves that with materials such as the Beech Timber Panel A/B 27 mm from you can create an attractive corner that invites customers to take their time and choose from a diversity of breads.

Getting started yourself – advantages at a glance

A project like this has several advantages. Because you determine the dimensions and material yourself, you can put together a solution that seamlessly meets your needs. For example, Loes had the planks cut exactly to the required length by This offers flexibility of design and ensures a perfect fit in the bakery. Moreover, by carrying out projects yourself you keep costs low and you can enjoy the satisfaction that self-made work brings.

A tangible application of natural elegance

In terms of style Loes' homemade breadboards radiate a rustic charm that is so characteristic of artisanal bakeries. The no-nonsense structure, in combination with the visual warmth of the beech wood, forms an attractive whole that suits both modern and more traditional interiors.

Beech wood: the characteristics and benefits

Beech Carpentry panel A/B 27 mm has several advantages. The wood is hard and heavy, yet easy to work with. The light color spectrum fits many different styles and is ideal for presenting products. The smooth surface also makes it easy to keep clean, essential for any surface where food is presented. In short, it's a smart one

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