Scandinavian style room divider with rotating hinges, by Roos

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2 minutes

Description of Roos

I made a room divider that you can open and close. Each slat rotates 360 degrees, so you can choose how closed or open you want the room divider. I placed pivot hinges on both sides of each slat, drilling a hole in both sides of each slat to accommodate the protruding pin of the pivot hinge. For strength, I secured the top shelf to a ceiling beam with a metal tube construction. I also used two wooden plates as the bottom and sides, which I first attached to each other and then to the cabinet.

How I made this project

First I I recorded the dimensions of the cabinet so that I could calculate how large the plates and slats should be. I decided that the side plate would fall on top of the bottom plate. So I calculated the size of the bottom plate - the thickness of the side plate to determine how much room I had for the slats - how wide the slats needed to be. I wanted 8 slats with a clearance of 3mm to allow them to rotate 360 ​​degrees. So (bottom plate length - side plate thickness - 3x8mm) / 8 = thickness of slat And length of bottom plate - thickness of side plate = length of top shelf. I then drilled holes in all the slats at the top and bottom, 8mm wide and about 5mm deep, and attached the flat parts of the rotating hinge (with 3mm screws, not the 3.5 ones you get with them because they don't sink well). View the pivot hinge I used here.

I then attached the other side of the pivot hinges to the bottom plate and the top shelf. Then I attached the bottom plate, side plate, and top shelf together, positioned them correctly, and attached them to the side and bottom to the cabinet. Then I put the planks in. For strength, I attached the top shelf with the metal tube construction to the ceiling beams using 2 pieces of metal tube, 3 round feet and 1 t-coupling.

Dimensions of my DIY project

p>120 x 160 cm

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How next?

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