Room divider around a piano made of MDF, by Koos

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I made a room divider from MDF panels that fits exactly around the piano. Attention! Because pianos come in all shapes and sizes!

Make your own design and have it cut

By making a good design (with my wife) I could easily enter plank by plank into the system. Because sawing is done accurately to the millimeter, it is very important that the dimensions are also specified to millimeter accuracy. For example, make sure that you use a calibrated tape measure when measuring and that you sometimes need an extra length of plank thickness. I have chosen to miter saw as much as possible. That makes the construction extra sturdy.

I then made the connections with dowels and sparkling wood glue. There are a screw here and there for extra strength.

>Tip from Koos: Think carefully! Make a good design first!! Measure twice and check!!!

A custom room divider

width: 1500mm
height: 1850mm
depth: 350mm

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