Safe and practical solution for dangerous stairwell in beech carpentry panel, by Wim

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This CD cabinet was inspired in shape and construction by a few wine crates that my wife had placed as a temporary solution. A barrier was needed to safely close the stair opening for children. One problem was that a construction that connected to the stairs to the top would have looked very strange because the wall on which the cupboard had to rest was laid at an incorrect angle. Moreover, we wanted to maintain an open view between the hall and the seating area.

Custom CD furniture

Most connections were made using slats ("cookies"). Dowels were used to strengthen the connection of the crossbar to the first box and to anchor it in the existing plank under the first box and against a support board in the wall at the other end of the crossbar. Naturally, wood glue was also used for the connections. The entire piece of furniture therefore contains no metal parts, except for the aluminum shelf supports for the shelves. The top shelves are adjustable, so that books can also have a place.

The dimensions of the project

It involves three separate cabinets that are connected by a stabilization bar. As a result, the dimensions can only be approximated.

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