Custom oak coat rack with white hooks, by Martijn

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2 minutes


A wooden coat rack with white hooks, custom made so that it fits exactly in the space under our stairs. With a raised edge for decoration and to place something on it if necessary. In addition, a (slightly lower) matching children's coat rack on another wall.

Custom coat rack

Shelves (width 25 cm) ordered via, of which we sawed off 10 cm to make the edge. Then sawn to size lengthwise. Under the stairs, the plank has been sawn off at an angle so that it fits neatly.

The edge is then attached to the flat part of the coat rack. The coat hooks are neatly distributed over the coat rack and then holes are measured and drilled in the wall. These holes are behind the coat hooks, so you don't see any screws. Then hung the coat rack on the wall.

To get everything neatly level, we used a laser.

The dimensions of the project

The coat rack underneath stairs are 140.0 cm wide and 15.0 cm high. The raised edge is 7.5 cm. On the other wall the coat rack is 90.0 cm wide. There is 20.0 cm between the coat hooks.

The children's coat rack is 70.0 cm wide and 15.0 cm high. There is 15.0 cm between the coat hooks.

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