Make your own beautiful desk under a sloping roof, by Celine

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Very easy

2 minutes

A stylish desk under a sloping roof

Have you ever thought that that unused space under your sloping roof could be the perfect place for a desk? Celine does, and the result is stunning. With a custom-made wooden worktop that fits seamlessly with the sloping walls, she created a functional and aesthetic workplace in her bedroom.

The structure of the project

The desk is made up of a pine carpentry panel that has been sawn to size by The natural color of the pine provides a warm and rustic look, while the white chests of drawers underneath provide a modern contrast. The desk optimally fills the space under the sloping roof, without wasting a single centimeter.

Unique features

What makes this desk unique is not only the dimensions. Celine has an eye for detail; the placement of stylish plants and the choice of subtle decorations make the space personal and inspiring. The combination of the wood color with the white of the drawers and the soft texture of the linen creates a harmonious balance.

Why a desk in the bedroom?

The bedroom is often a place of peace and relaxation. Celine's choice to integrate a workplace here emphasizes how good design can embrace multifunctionality without compromising the tranquil atmosphere. The desk offers a secluded corner for focus and creativity.

Benefits of making it yourself

Designing and furnishing a workplace like this yourself offers enormous advantages. This gives you the freedom to tailor the exact dimensions and choice of materials to your personal needs and style. Moreover, Celine can be proud of the cost savings and independence that come with a DIY project.

The style of Celine's desk

The style of the desk can best described as 'modern rustic'. It combines the raw naturalness of pine wood with sleek, modern elements. This style fits perfectly with contemporary trends in which the back-to-nature feeling plays an important role.

The charm of pine

Pine is a versatile type of wood with a warm appearance that is used in many interiors fits. It is relatively soft, which means it is easy to work with, ideal for customization by Pine has a vibrant texture that adds character to any piece of furniture, and with the right finish it can last for years.

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How next?

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