From IKEA wall cupboard to two dressers with smooth pine, by Peter

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Creative transformation of furniture

Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture and thought: "This could be so much more"? That's exactly what Peter did with a standard IKEA wall cupboard. With some creativity and craftsmanship he has 'halved' and transformed into two beautiful sideboards with a beautiful pine top. This inspiration project shows that with a little do-it-yourself spirit you can enrich your interior with unique and personal pieces of furniture.

The metamorphosis from wall cupboard to sideboards

Peter has an IKEA wall cupboard ingeniously transformed into two stylish and functional pieces of furniture. These sideboards fit perfectly into the living space and bring both luxury and convenience into the home. The open and closed compartments offer plenty of storage options, while the addition of the pine top from gives a warm natural look.

Features of the DIY furniture

The converted furniture pieces stand out because of their sleek white finish in combination with the natural pine carpentry panel of 18 mm thick. The subtle handles enhance the minimalist design. The choice of pine ensures a durable and timeless effect, so the sideboards fit into almost any interior.

Ideal for any living space

These custom-made sideboards fit effortlessly into the Peter's living room. Here they complement the existing furnishings and provide attractive storage space. The natural tones of the pine top go hand in hand with the light color palette of the room, creating a calm and cohesive atmosphere.

The benefits of doing it yourself

Making your own furniture has several advantages. The project realized by Peter offers perfect adaptation to the available space due to its flexibility in dimensions. In addition, the freedom of choice in materials allowed him to determine the quality and appearance himself, while the budget remained manageable by reusing an existing cupboard.

Stylish finish

The furniture exudes a Scandinavian feeling where functionality and simplicity are central. The natural look of the pine, combined with the sleek white, enhances this style and makes these sideboards timeless pieces that fit effortlessly into different decors.

The pine advantage

Pine carpentry panels are popular because of their warm appearance and flexibility in use. The wood is perfect for projects like this, where the natural patterns and warm color contribute to a cozy and homely atmosphere. Pine is also easy to work with, making it ideal for do-it-yourself projects.

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How next?

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