DIY aquamarine cupboard transformation in the living room, by Noor

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2 minutes

Meet Noor's living room metamorphosis

If you have always dreamed of that one perfect cupboard that completes your living room, be inspired by Noor's DIY project. With her handy approach and a touch of creativity, she has designed a striking aquamarine cupboard that increases the aesthetics of her living space.

The design and realization

The cupboard, cut to size by OPMAATZAGEN .nl, with its clean lines and modern design. The aquamarine color adds a fresh dynamic to the space and serves as a stylish accent against the neutral background. This project is not only a feast for the eyes, but also offers a practical storage solution with spacious cupboards and shelves.

The perfect match with the living room

The cupboard does not function in the living room only as storage space, but also as a central point around which daily life takes place. The subtle hue of the cabinet complements the natural light and soft color tones of the living room, creating a calming atmosphere in which you immediately feel at home.

Freedom in design and budget

The Creating a piece of furniture yourself as Noor has done has several advantages. Firstly, it offers the opportunity to choose the exact dimensions that suit your living room. In addition, you can freely choose the material that suits your style and budget. This flexibility not only ensures optimal use of space, but also keeps the project within financial limits.

The finishing touch: style and functionality

After completion of the cabinet it is clear to see that the style is modern and minimalist, with a nod to the Scandinavian design tradition. As a result, the cabinet integrates flawlessly into various interior styles and offers a timeless addition that can last for years.

Advantages of Spruce Carpentry Panel

For this project, a Spruce Carpentry Panel of 18 mm thickness was chosen. known for its strength and light weight. This material is easy to work with and finish with paint or stain, allowing Noor to achieve the exact color shade she had in mind. Moreover, spruce is a sustainable type of wood that contributes to the long lifespan of the cabinet.

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How next?

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