Create your own playroom with writing corner and bookcase, by Salimata

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Very easy

2 minutes

Create an enchanting playroom with a personal touch

Are you looking for inspiration to give your own playroom a unique and functional look? Salimata shows how, with a little creativity and the right materials, you can transform a playroom into a space that is both stimulating and practical. This inspiration project includes a writing corner, bookcase and extra storage space, all custom made with beautiful wooden elements from

The creative writing corner

The heart of the playroom is the writing corner, consisting of a sturdy table with a natural wooden finish and matching white chairs. The table top made of pine timber panel 28 mm, sawn to size by, invites you to spend hours drawing, crafting and reading. The addition of a pegboard to the wall not only provides a trendy look but also provides convenient organization of crafts and drawings.

Efficient custom bookcase

In addition to a writing corner, this project offers a custom-made bookcase that integrates perfectly with the space. By making clever use of the space between two existing cupboards, Salimata has created extra storage space without sacrificing style. This homemade bookcase is not only a place for books, but also leaves room for personal decoration and storage bins for toys.

The benefits of DIY

Doing a project like this playroom yourself offers numerous advantages. By determining the sizes yourself, you have full control over the dimensions and you can make optimal use of the available space. In addition, the freedom to choose your own material types offers a way to completely customize the style. Moreover, you keep costs low because you only pay for the materials and tools you actually use.

Stylish Scandinavian design

Salimata has applied a serene Scandinavian style for this project. The combination of the natural wood with the white of the furniture and walls creates a calm, but also playful atmosphere. The writing corner and the bookcase not only look stylish, but are also very functional and contribute to an organized play space.

Wood with a story

Pine carpentry panel 28 mm is the type of wood used for this project. It is a versatile material known for its durability and natural beauty. The wood has a warm appearance and a characteristic pattern that gives every room a homely feeling. The advantage of pine is that it is relatively light, easy to work with and ideal for indoor projects such as this beautiful playroom.

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