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Product information

  • Velvety touch
  • Luxury look
  • UV-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Fingerprint-proof
  • High flexural strength
  • Antibacterial
  • Difficult to work with


SuperPan Technical Matt Cashmere is a decorative board with FINSA's superPan as its backing. It is used for decorative applications and, thanks to its Technical Matt melamine top layer, the board is also very suitable for intensive horizontal use. The material is scratch resistant, moisture and heat resistant, antibacterial and has a luxurious velvety touch. In terms of applications, you can think of worktops, desks and countertops. With SuperPan Technical Matt Azul Ceyla, your living room, kitchen or bathroom will get a luxurious and durable upgrade. The strong melaminated top layer means you don't need to paint the panel and makes this panel material easy to maintain. 

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Product properties

Specific gravity (kg/m3)780
Thickness19 mm
Type superPan
VariantSuperPan Technical Matt Cashmere
Application (climate)Indoors
Wood type of surface layerPoplar
Functional useDecorative
Sheet structureFibreboard
Top layer typeTechnical Matt top layer
Top layer2 sides


  • Kitchens
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • WCs
  • Countertops
  • Kitchen worktops
  • Desk tops
  • Tables
  • Fitted shelves
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Order SuperPan Technical Matt Cashmere cut-to-size online

Is your interior in need of an upgrade? Go for furniture panel. Furniture panel, the name says it all, is a popular choice for finishing or building furniture. But furniture panels also offer an excellent solution for wall cladding and worktops. We have a wide range of furniture panels with high-quality finishes and practical properties. Easily configure SuperPan Technical Matt Cashmere to size. We cut and deliver the panels to your home so you can get on with your job without any worries!

Cut-to-size FINSA superPan Technical Matt panels

There are several manufacturers of melaminated board material, or board material with a melaminated top layer. FINSA is one of them. FINSA offers a wide range of high-quality furniture panels that can be used for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, among others.

SuperPan Technical Matt Cashmere: what is that?

Furniture panel is sheet material with a strong, finished top layer, in this case with a reinforced melamine top layer. Furniture panels are widely used in the furniture industry and are gaining ground due to their versatile textures, colours and topcoat options. The advantage of melamine-laminated board material, compared to veneered board, is that it is immediately ready for use: there is no need to finish it! This makes the product ideal for use.

Melamine is produced in different ways. For example, a melamine top layer can consist of a veneer layer of paper fibres fused together with a melamine resin. This creates a hard plastic top layer. Other production methods include the use of acrylic lacquers combined with a curing technique. A furniture panel derives its properties from the combination of top layer with its backing. More on this below.

Melamine top layer

Furniture panels have a strong and hard melamine top layer, which gives the wood panels an attractive appearance and makes the wood resistant. The melamine top layer has a high density, which also gives it its hard and strong properties. A melamine top layer is water-repellent, easy to wipe off with a cloth and to some extent heat-resistant. Properties that are very pleasant for any interior application! Some manufacturers process the melamine layer with heat and chemicals to increase the scratch-resistant properties, for example. This makes one panel suitable for intensive use and another not.

In brief, the advantages of melamine faced board material once again:

  • Ready to use immediately
  • Strong and water-repellent
  • Fixed colour
  • Wide range of colours and textures
  • Depending on the product line, suitable for intensive or horizontal use

Melamine top layer with Technical Matt properties

SuperPan Technical Matt Cashmere has a topcoat of Technical Matt. Technical Matt is a brand name of FINSA under which melamine topcoats fall. Technical Matt is distinguished from other melamine layers by the way it is produced. Processing acrylic lacquers with a patented Electon Beam Curing technique gives the material a range of very practical properties. For instance, it is velvety soft and impervious to finger marks. Combined with a high resistance to heat and scratches, it is a highly suitable material for intensive use. In many ways, thanks to its comfortable touch, scratch resistance and Uv-resistance, it is also reminiscent of the well-known Fenix material. 

Its antibacterial properties make it a very suitable surface for food contact. The material is also easy to maintain as the surface is resistant to mild detergents. Thus, the rock-solid properties and soft appearance of SuperPan Technical Matt Cashmere make this material a high-quality product. So from now on, order a luxurious and durable upgrade for your kitchen or living room, for example, from the THE online sawmill.

FINSA superPan Technical Matt decor service

Curious about the look of this material? The website van FINSA features a handy configurator that lets you see your desired decor come to life in a room in no time. Assess the material and then have it cut to size and delivered to your home by the online sawmill.

Een drager van FINSA superPan

FINSA's SuperPan belongs to a new generation of structural or engineered wood. By combining properties of classic structural boards, FINSA creates a new line of supports that serve as a solid base for a variety of top layers. The board is composed of HDF and chipboard. Two materials each with their unique properties. Whereas the core of chipboard ensures light weight, the top layer of HDF contributes to easy machinability. The high pressure of HDF makes it easier for screws to stay in place, for example. In addition, the HDF top layer increases bending strength, which, combined with a melamine top layer, makes it a very durable product. FINSA uses largely scrap wood for superPan. As a result of this sustainable production method, FINSA's furniture panels therefore carry the Cradle-to-Cradle Bronze certificate.

Available thicknesses of SuperPan Technical Matt Cashmere

You can easily choose the available thicknesses of SuperPan Technical Matt Cashmere via the product configurator.

Machining melamine or HPL furniture panel

The big advantage of chipboard and HDF with a melamine-coated top layer or HPL variant is that it is ready to use straight away. Furniture panel is good and relatively easy to assemble provided you are well prepared. While mounting the panel, it is advisable to screw the screws on the back or bottom side (be careful not to go through the material!). That way, the screw holes are not visible and you avoid visible splinters from the melamine. 

Are you going to mount on the visible side? Then first place painter's tape on the place where you will be working on the board. This way, the tape will catch the first contact between the tool and the board and reduce the risk of splintering.  Make sure you have the right drills and attachments. In general, you use the same tools for HPL as for working hardwood. Special HPL drills are also available. Make sure you are well informed before working with HPL. Although HPL is stronger than melamine, it can still be damaged if heavy tools bounce off it.

Specific applications of furniture panels

Furniture panel is also called melaminated or decorative board material. It is widely used for making furniture and, with the right backing and top layer, also for worktops. Furniture, decors and wall coverings often have a large surface area and therefore take a long time to finish. By using melamine-coated sheet material, you no longer need to paint the sheet material and ensure that everything looks sleek. The melamine top layers of furniture panels also have their own unique properties from one manufacturer to another. Technical Matt from FINSA, with its antibacterial, moisture and heat-resistant properties, is very suitable for intensive use in kitchens and bathrooms. With its luxurious appearance, the material fits perfectly into many interior styles and thus certainly into living rooms or bedrooms.

Alternatives to furniture panel

Isn't SuperPan Technical Matt Cashmere} the right type of wood for your job after all? Would you like the board material in a larger format or in a specific (RAL) colour? Then take a look at MDF film. This board material is easy to paint with in your favourite colour. Or check out our other melamine-faced furniture panels.

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