Furniture Board superPan 231 S3 Negro

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Product information

  • Ready-to-use surface
  • Good grip on screws
  • High bending strength
  • Seamlessly combinable with HPL and ABS edging due to colour coupling
  • Can be combined with a wide variety of colours and textures
  • Realistic appearance due to synchronous textures
  • For interior use only
  • Not for intensive use


Furniture Board superPan 231 S3 Negro is a FINSA brand decorative board with superPan as its backing. It is often used for fronts, furniture and installing wall coverings in shops or restaurants, for example. The melamine top layer ensures that the material is immediately ready for use. Melamine-coated SuperPan furniture panel is available in many different colours and structures that can be combined well with each other. For example, you can think of a combination of matt green, high-gloss white, stone, wood and even leather!

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Product properties

Specific gravity (kg/m3)780
Thickness10 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm, 25 mm
Type superPan
VariantFurniture Board superPan 231 S3 Negro
Application (climate)Indoors
Wood type of surface layerPoplar
Functional useDecorative
ColourBlack / Grey
Colour code~ RAL 9005
Quality markFSC Mix Credit
Sheet structureFibreboard
Top layer typeMelamine layer
Top layer2 sides


  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms (non-humid areas)
  • Kitchens (non-humid areas)
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
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Order Furniture Board superPan 231 S3 Negro to size online

Characteristic furniture and interiors are made with furniture panel. Order this panel online cut to the millimetre. We will deliver the panel fully cut to size at home. Are you curious about the possibilities? Configure your product and you will have your project ready in no time.

Cut-to-size FINSA superPan Gama Duo panels

FINSA likes to be inspired by the convergence of technology and creativity. They therefore launch a diverse product line with the Gama Duo furniture boards. Within this line there are many eccentric colours and textures that, combined with the superPan backing, form a high-quality finish for your interior. Besides superPan, Gama duo top layers can also be stuck on other types of carriers such as MDF Moistureproof V313 and chipboard. The Gama Duo line offers a wide choice of high-quality furniture panels that can be used for large and small interiors and rooms. This makes FINSA a major player in the furniture panel department, but there are more! Other producers of melaminated boards include Pfleiderer, UNILIN and MAXXI. 

Read more about the unique features of FINSA superPan Gama Duo below.

Furniture Board superPan 231 S3 Negro: what is that?

Furniture panel is a fully finished sheet material, in this case with a melamine top layer. Melaminated furniture panels are widely used in the furniture industry and are gaining ground due to their versatile textures, colours and options in terms of top layers. The advantage of melamine-laminated panels, compared to veneered panels, is that they are immediately ready for use: there is no need to finish them! This makes the product ideal for use. Thanks to constantly new production techniques, the most diverse top layers and product lines, each with their own properties and looks, can be produced.

Melamine top layer

The furniture panels have a strong and hard melamine top layer, which gives the wood panels an attractive appearance and makes the wood resistant. The melamine top layer has a high density, which also gives it its hard and strong properties. A melamine top layer is water-repellent, easy to wipe off with a cloth and to some extent heat-resistant. Properties that are very pleasant for any interior application! By using colour matching, materials such as HPL can be delivered in the same colour and texture. This makes your job project even more versatile!

In brief, the advantages of melamine faced board material once again:

  • Ready to use immediately
  • Strong and water-repellent
  • Fixed colour
  • Wide choice of colours and textures
  • One-to-one colour match with ABS and HPL

Carrier of superPan

FINSA's SuperPan belongs to a new generation of structural or engineered wood. By combining properties of classic structural boards, FINSA creates a new line of supports that serve as a solid base for a variety of top layers. The board is composed of HDF and chipboard. Two materials each with their unique properties. Whereas the core of chipboard ensures light weight, the top layer of HDF contributes to easy machinability. The high pressure of HDF makes it easier for screws to stay in place, for example. In addition, the HDF top layer increases bending strength, which, combined with a melamine top layer, makes it a very durable product. FINSA uses largely scrap wood for superPan. As a result of this sustainable production method, FINSA's furniture panels therefore carry the Cradle-to-Cradle Bronze certificate.

Gama Duo melamine from FINSA

FINSA has a wide range of melaminated furniture panels. These include Gama Duo. This product line of decorative panels has a wide choice of colours and textures. As many as 65 variations make up the range of FINSA's Gama Duo line. From eccentric yellow colours to subtle matt tops with a wood grain, there is something for every type of interior. These finishes also include four synchronous textures: wood, stone, leather and textile. A synchro texture means that the print runs flush with the texture, creating a realistic look. The top coats come on FINSA's acclaimed superPan technical backing. FINSA's Gama Duo melamine topcoats are antibacterial, making them a suitable choice for bathrooms or kitchens. The melamine decors all have a one-to-one colour pairing with HPL and ABS edging. This makes it easy to combine the technical advantages of HPL and melamine without any colour difference.

The different variants of FINSA Gama Duo

Numerous combinations of textures and colours can be found within the Gama Duo line. These range from the look and feel of stone to textiles and even leather! In this way, the different looks are also easy to combine with each other. Because a mix of textures and colours is used, you will always find a suitable combination. The colours and textures are indicated by the colour code, which always consists of a combination of three numbers and letters. This is followed by a texture code consisting of two letters or numbers. Finally, there is a descriptive name that should capture the mood of the texture and colour. Would you like to know more about the different finishes, textures and colours of FINSA Gama Duo? Lees dan verder in dit artikel over de naamstructuur van FINSA.

FINSA Gama Duo sample service

Curious about this material? Order a sample on the website van FINSA. Rate the material and then have it cut to size delivered to your home by the online sawmill.

Available thicknesses of Furniture Board superPan 231 S3 Negro

You can easily choose the available thicknesses of Furniture Board superPan 231 S3 Negro via the product configurator.

Machining of furniture panel

SuperPan with a melamine top layer has the advantage of being an easily workable carrier board. This is mainly due to the dense HDF layer between the chipboard and the melamine layer. However, bear in mind that the melamine top layer is therefore sensitive when you start working it! When mounting the board material, it is advisable to screw the screws at the back or at the bottom (make sure you do not go through the material!). This way, the screw holes are not visible and you avoid visible splinters of the melamine. Are you going to mount on the visible side? Then first place masking tape on the place where you will be working on the board. This way, the tape catches the first contact between the tools and the board and the risk of splintering is reduced.

Specific applications of chipboard furniture panels

Furniture panel is also called melaminated or decorative board material. It is a versatile product so it can be used for many purposes. Shops, restaurants and cafés are transformed into inspiring environments with the right combination of colours and textures. Furniture panel, with its water-repellent top layer, can be used for many interior applications. By using panel material with a melamine top layer, you no longer need to paint the panel and have the most beautiful decors in no time.

Alternatives to furniture panel

Is Furniture Board superPan 231 S3 Negro not the right choice for your job after all? Are you looking for a basic material to finish yourself? Then take a look at MDF film. This board material is easy to paint with in your favourite colour. Or check out our other melamine-faced furniture panels:

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