Solid three layers panel Pine rustic B/C+ brushed

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Product information

  • Calm and warm appearance
  • Easy to treat with a stain, lacquer or oil
  • Each board is unique
  • This material can warp with temperature differences or in humid areas
  • Can discolour if it comes into contact with iron
  • Natural wood: it discolours when exposed to daylight


Solid Solid three layers panel Pine rustic B/C+ brushed is a light board with a lively appearance As the sapwood and heartwood are mixed, it creates a wood with character and appearance. Spruce is easy to glue and assemble and is lightweight. Are you going to mount it? Then pre-drilling is recommended. In addition, it is easy to finish with a lacquer or stain. This board is composed of three layers, with the core consisting of finger jointed slats, resulting in a strong board.

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Product properties

Specific gravity (kg/m3)450
Face gradeB/C+
Thickness19 mm
Type Timberboards
VariantSolid three layers panel Pine rustic B/C+ brushed
GrainYes, lengthwise
Application (climate)Indoors
Wood type of surface layerLight pine
CorePlywood / triplex
Functional useRustic quality
ColourBeige / Brown
Glue typeMR, Interior
Quality mark100% PEFC
Sheet structure3 layers
Top layer typeVeneer layer
Top layer2 sides

Order Solid three layers panel Pine rustic B/C+ brushed to size online

Easily order solid Solid three layers panel Pine rustic B/C+ brushed sawn to size online. This way, you can create a robust and sturdy piece of furniture in your interior in no time. You can have our solid timmerpanelen cut in various shapes and finishes. Whether you go for an industrial table or bring more warmth into your home with solid wall shelves, anything is possible. That's really convenient!

Solid three layers panel Pine rustic B/C+ brushed:  wat is dat?

Spruce is a very popular panel material in our range. The tough and natural look makes the choice quickly go in the direction of these spruce panels. Solid spruce is yellowish in colour and with the alternation of small and larger knots, this makes it an uninhibited type of wood. Compared to pine, spruce is lighter in colour. The ideal wood species for making Scandinavian-style furniture. Spruce is relatively colourfast compared to other solid panels in our range. The solid panel material is composed of slats. Slats are small wooden boards consisting entirely of pure wood. To make a larger-sized board, several slats are joined together to form one large board. This results in a very sturdy and strong slab. Keep in mind that no two slats have the same appearance. The wood texture and colour is unique to each slat and can therefore differ from the picture.

Wood can be divided into hardwood and softwood. Hardwood comes from deciduous trees and softwood from conifers. Spruce is a light-coloured softwood. Softwood, in other words softwood, is relatively weaker than hardwood. This makes the material easy to work with.

Visibility quality solid B/C

The quality of the top layers of solid panels is indicated by letter combinations. There is a letter designation for the visible side (top), which is the first letter, and one for the reverse side (underside), which is the second designation. This refers to the quality of the deck veneer, the quality of the gluing, for example, is indicated differently. In this, classification A is the highest possible quality. In this, the first letter means the quality of the visible side and the second letter the quality of the reverse side. Read hier more about all viewing qualities.

This board material has the visibility quality B/C. The top side has the appearance quality B. B-grade veneers may have minor impurities. Light discolouration and minor repairs are also allowed. Sight grade B panels usually show more natural features and imperfections than higher-quality panels. They may have larger knots, cracks and colour variations. These panels are often used in applications where a more rustic look is desired, such as flooring, wall coverings or country-style furniture.

Sight grade C panels generally have even more visible features and imperfections than sight grade B. These panels may have larger knots, cracks and other natural defects that are more pronounced. They are often used in applications where the emphasis is on the natural beauty of the wood and where a very rustic or weathered look is desired.

Three-layer panel

These solid panels are composed of three layers glued together crosswise. The two top layers are of high quality. The 5 mm thick top layers consist of falling wide sections of approx. 80 to 140 mm. The 10 mm thick core makes it sturdy and stable. The core consists of the same wood as the top layers. In the core, all remaining material that is not suitable for the sight sides is processed: wood that is too short and too narrow, sapwood and other defects. The entire log is used, leaving almost no residual waste. The 3-layer construction makes this type of panel the most stable of all solid glued panels.

The direction of the wood grain

In lumber panel, a wood grain can be seen. The pattern of the wood grain always runs lengthwise. When sawing the panel, we keep in mind that the length dimension is also the length direction of the wood grain. So pay close attention when entering the dimensions so that the grain of the wood all runs in the right direction!

De uitstraling van rustiek fineer

Wood veneer with a rustic look has a natural and raw charm characterised by features such as knots, cracks, colour variations and a pronounced grain pattern. The veneer often shows the visual signs of the original tree, giving it a warm and characterful aesthetic.

The rustic properties of this veneer are sought after because of the organic look they add to surfaces. The presence of knots, small openings where branches once grew, and cracks give a sense of authenticity and history. Colour variations and a distinctive grain pattern can add to the natural and aged look.

Wood veneer with a rustic look often goes well with traditional, country and craft design styles. It brings a warm and cosy atmosphere to interiors and can be used for furniture, wall coverings and other decorative applications where the emphasis is on embracing the natural beauty of the wood.

Available thicknesses of Solid three layers panel Pine rustic B/C+ brushed

Solid lumber panels can be ordered in various thicknesses. You can easily indicate your desired thickness during the ordering process. This way, you can be sure that the panel material meets your requirements: both the size and thickness of the material. The following thickness(es) are available: 19 mm.

Editing solid Solid three layers panel Pine rustic B/C+ brushed

Spruce is easy to assemble, by gluing it together. Always finish spruce with a clear varnish, lacquer or stain. Due to its soft structure, this type of wood is sensitive to knocks. Always sand solid board material with a fine grit before working on it. Sanding spruce joinery panel ensures a beautiful end result, so the details of the drawing stand out even more. Which benefits the robust, sturdy board.

Finishing the joinery panel enhances the protection and thereby the moisture-resistant properties of the material. Like all solid panels, spruce joinery panel can start to work under varying temperatures and humid conditions. Should you wish to saw or mill the material, bear in mind that it may splinter. When mounting the boards, use screws with a long thread and wide diameter to avoid splintering as much as possible. Finally, we recommend using only stainless steel when joining with metal to avoid discolouration on the wood. Read hier all processing instructions of timber panel.

Specific uses of Solid three layers panel Pine rustic B/C+ brushed

Spruce is suitable for many purposes due to its light weight. For example, this type of wood is often found in tables, cupboards, bookshelves and TV furniture. You can easily refurbish a piece of furniture with it, such as replacing a table or desk top. Its natural and warm appearance adds charm to any interior.

Alternatives for Solid three layers panel Pine rustic B/C+ brushed

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