Solid three layers panel Maple

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Product information

  • Dense, rather hard wood type
  • Easy to machine
  • Natural look with various grain patterns
  • Contains few knots
  • For indoor use only
  • Natural wood: it discolours when exposed to daylight
  • Natural wood: may warp
  • Watch out with iron, may discolour


This three-layer maple sheet has a light wood colour with a fine grain pattern. It is a hard wood type that is easy to machine and finish. Due to its light colour, maple is a good option when you want a Scandinavian or Boho interior style.

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Product properties

Specific gravity (kg/m3)750
Face gradeA/B
Thickness20 mm
Type Timberboards
VariantMaple solid three-layer board
GrainYes, lengthwise
Application (climate)Indoors
Wood type of surface layerMaple
CorePlywood / triplex
Functional useOverall quality
ColourBeige / Brown
Glue typeMR, Interior
Quality markFSC® 100%
Sheet structure3 layers
Top layer typeVeneer layer
Top layer2 sides

Order cut-to-size solid maple timber board online

Easily order cut-to-size solid maple timber boards online. This way, you can create a robust and sturdy piece of furniture in your interior in no time at all. You can have our solid timmerpanelen cut into various shapes and finishes. Whether you need an industrial table or want to add some warmth to your home with solid wall shelves, anything is possible. How handy is that?

Solid maple timber board: what is it?

Maple is a hardwood species with few knots. If you treat the wood well, it will last for years. Maple wood has a whitish to creamy colour that can turn yellow when exposed to daylight. If you look closely at the sheet material you see a light mix of structures in the grain pattern. It can have flame-like grain patterns as well as 'bird's-eye' markings. Maple is characterized by this soft grain pattern, making it a popular and sought-after sheet material. When you sand the sheet, the original wood colour will return, and this is strongly recommended before finishing the panel with stain, lacquer or oil. Due to the faster growth of Maple trees, the annual rings are wider, so that the grain is generally somewhat coarser and 'cloudy'. Maple is characterized by this soft grain pattern, making it a sought-after sheet material.

Maple is a strong type of wood that can take a beating. Perfect for making tables and chairs. Maple typifies as a white wood species, but can turn from a white to creamy colour to yellow when exposed to daylight. Therefore, treat these boards with a lacquer or stain before use, a UV-resistant lacquer is the most beautiful for this type of wood. If you are looking for a sheet material with as few knots as possible, maple is certainly recommended.

Maple is supplied in different visual qualities. A/B describes the appearance of the sheet and therefore has nothing to do with the structural strength of the material. The term A/B means that the top side of the sheet has visual quality A and the underside has visual quality B. This means that the top is almost completely free of knots. Occasionally, there may be a small knot here and there, but it will be no larger than 4 millimetres. The underside has visual grading B and can therefore have a somewhat coarser appearance. Here, knots of up to 7 millimetres are allowed. The heartwood and sapwood of the beech differ little.


Lumber Quality Indication
A Uniform colour. No knots and no heartwood allowed.
B Small colour nuances permitted. Tassels and heartwood may be present.
C Large colour nuances permissible. Tassels and heartwood are present.

Read hier more about the quality of timberboards.


These solid boards are composed of three layers which are glued together crosswise. The two top layers are of high quality. The 5 mm thick top layers consist of falling wide sections of approx. 80 to 140 mm. The 10 mm thick core makes it a sturdy and stable whole. The core consists of the same wood as the top layers. In the core, all remaining material is processed that is not suitable for the visible sides: too short and too narrow wood, sapwood and other defects. The whole trunk is used, leaving almost no residual waste. Due to the 3-layer structure, this type of board is the most stable of all solid glued boards.

The direction of the wood grain

Timber board has a visible wood grain. The wood grain pattern always runs in the longitudinal direction. When sawing the sheet, we maintain that the longitudinal dimension is also the longitudinal direction of the wood grain. So be careful when filling in the measurements, so that the flames of the wood grain all run in the right direction!

Available thicknesses of solid maple timber board

Solid timber boards can be ordered in various thicknesses. You can easily specify your desired thickness during the ordering process. This way you can be sure that the sheet material meets your requirements: both the size and thickness of the material. The following thickness(es) are available: 20 mm.

Machining solid maple timber board

Machining maple wood is easy. It can be sawn or milled just fine, although it can splinter. This type of wood is similar to beech in terms of processing, but sometimes a little harder. Make it easy on yourself and let us cut the wood to size, so you don't have to worry about it!

Always treat maple with a varnish or stain before use. Preferably a UV-resistant finish, so that the wood discolours minimally when exposed to daylight. We advise against finishing the material with an oil, as this can result in a yellowish colour, which you probably would rather not have. Read all processing instructions of timber board hier.

Specific applications of solid maple timber board

Because of its soft even structure, hardness and especially its weight, this type of wood is very suitable for furniture that is used regularly and must be able to take a beating. Think of chairs, tables, stairs, floors. Maple wood is not durable and only suitable for indoor applications.

Alternatives to solid maple timber board

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