• Overview of moisture-resistant and waterproof board material

Overview of moisture-resistant and waterproof board material

Wood and sheet material made from wood react to moisture. Solid wood can warp on contact with moisture and panels made from pieces of wood, such as fibreboard, can swell on contact with glue. If you want to use board material in damp rooms or outdoors, it is therefore important that you choose a variant that can withstand moisture. To help you with this, we have made an overview of moisture-resistant and waterproof board material. Have you found the right variant? Then you can order it from us in different shapes and with different finishes.

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Moisture proof board material

Moisture-resistant board material is board material with reinforced moisture-resistant properties. As a result, it can be used durably in damp spaces indoors, provided it is properly pre-treated. It is not advisable to use this material outdoors, as it weathers more quickly in such conditions.

MDF Moistureproof V313

Moisture-resistant MDF is, just like regular MDF, made of small wood fibres that are glued and pressed into a board under high pressure and temperature. With moisture-resistant MDF, special water-resistant glue is used in this process and the boards are pressed under higher pressure. This makes the material more resistant to moisture than regular MDF and after proper treatment with a primer and an edge sealer for the end edges, it can be used in damp indoor areas. There are several variants available for moisture-resistant MDF, including a variant with lacquer-bearing film and a thoroughly coloured variant. You can recognise MDF Moisture Resistant V313 by the green core it has been given.

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OSB is a structurally strong board material. The use of wood chips in the production process gives it a tough appearance that is increasingly popular with fans of the industrial style. In addition to its tough appearance, OSB 3 also has excellent moisture-resistant properties and, after a good, transparent coating, can also be used in damp spaces indoors.

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Birch plywood

Birch plywood consists of several thin layers of solid wood, also called veneer layers. With birch plywood the layers are thinner than with many other types of plywood. This makes the panel extremely strong and hardly warped. The layers are glued externally, which means that the glue is resistant to heat and moisture. This makes Birch plywood suitable for use in damp spaces indoors. Because Birch cannot withstand moisture so well, it is not recommended to use the material in outdoor projects.

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Plywood Hardwood

Hardwood plywood is made from layers of solid hardwood glued together crosswise. The gluing done has the classification WBP, which means that the glued material is resistant to heat and moisture. Tropical hardwood is also resistant to moisture. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to use plywood hardwood for outdoor projects; hardwood is very hard, so the layers used in making the plywood are relatively thick. This causes a lot of tension on the plywood, which is only aggravated by changing temperatures and humidity levels. Of course it is suitable for use in damp rooms indoors.

Underlayment Finnish Pine/Pellwood Floor

Underlayment Finnish Spruce, also known as Pellos Floor, is a plywood board made of spruce that is glued water-resistant. The board is very flat and strong and is therefore often used for subfloors, hence the name. The material is suitable for damp spaces indoors, thanks to the WBP gluing, but it is not advisable to use Underlayment Finnish Spruce outdoors. This is because pine wood is less resistant to moisture, which means that outdoor applications will considerably shorten the lifespan of the material.

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Waterproof sheet material

Water-resistant board material is board material made for outdoor applications. By using water-repellent material, special production processes or a combination of the two, these boards can, provided they are properly pre-treated, last a long time in outdoor projects.

MDF Exterior

MDF Exterieur is the MDF variant for outdoor use. Not only has special water-repellent glue been used and a higher pressing pressure applied, the wood fibres used have also been modified to increase water resistance. This also makes the material very durable and, if treated properly, you can enjoy it for a long time. You can recognise MDF Exterior by the dark coloured core of the material.

Okoumé plywood Waterproof

Okoumé plywood is the right choice if you want to use plywood outdoors. Okoumé plywood is relatively flexible and does not easily bend under humid conditions. As a result, there is little tension on the panel and the material will not weather easily outdoors, provided it is properly pre-treated. To help with this, there is a variant of Okoumé plywood with a primer already applied.

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Birch plywood

Betonplex Birch consists of birch plywood with a plastic top layer. This top layer protects the material against scratches, impacts and weather conditions. This allows Betonplex Birch to be used in outdoor projects, while birch plywood cannot. The ends still have to be treated, for instance with an edge sealer.

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Non-slip concrete plywood

Concreteplex Antislip is a form of birch betonplex of which the synthetic top layer has been given a pattern on one side so that this layer is more slip-resistant. The core is still birch betonplex and therefore it can also be used outside.

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Plywood Hardwood

Betonplex Hardwood has a hardwood plywood core. Although hardwood plywood does not come into its own outdoors, Betonplex Hardwood does. The protective plastic top layer of Betonplex Hardwood ensures that the material is protected against scratches, bumps and weather conditions.

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Ordering moisture-resistant and waterproof board material online to measure

Once you have chosen the sheet material that suits your job best, you can proceed with order. At OPMAATZAGEN.nl you can do this easily online and have the material cut to size in different shapes. For example, you can choose to use board material that is sawn in the shape of a rectangle, square, triangle, circle, trapezium or parallelogram. You can also further finishing the ends of the material by, for example, having it mitred, having the corners chamfered or rounded, having a quarter-round finish milled or having a hollow profile applied. When everything is to your liking, order the material and we will start working for you immediately! Once your order has been sawn, you can expect it at home!

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