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Product information

  • Moisture resistant
  • Flat surface
  • Very strong
  • Suitable for constructional purposes
  • Due to scratch sensitivity less suitable for decorative purposes - The top layer can vary in colour between sheets


Phenolic plywood birch is externally bonded and is known to be very flat. It consists of birch plywood with a special plastic layer on the top and bottom, which makes the sheet suitable for many applications. The sheet is suitable for intensive use. Phenolic plywood does not need to be finished, so you can get started right away! Do pay attention to the sheet edges; these must be treated if used in humid conditions.

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Product properties

Specific gravity (kg/m3)710
AppearanceSilk gloss
Thickness18 mm
Type Phenolic Plywood
VariantPhenolic Plywood Birch dark brown
Application (climate)Outside, if pre-treated
Wood type of surface layerBirch
Functional useConstruction and lumber
ColourBeige / Brown
Glue typeWBP, Exterior
Quality markFSC® certified
Sheet structureMultiple layers
Top layer typePhenolic coating
Top layer2 sides


  • Concrete work
  • Structural purposes
  • Interior finishing
  • Floor and wall coverings
  • Facade cladding
  • Slides
  • Storage spaces
  • Animal pens
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Order cut-to-size phenolic plywood birch dark brown sheets online

Phenolic Plywood can certainly be the right choice for many kinds of projects. It's a real powerhouse. We saw or mill phenolic plywood birch to size with millimetre precision in various shapes and finishes to make your project a success. Take a look at all the possibilities in the product configurator. We deliver the materials to your home within a few business days.

Phenolic plywood birch dark brown: what is it?

Phenolic plywood birch dark brown is known to be very flat. Phenolic plywood birch is a high-quality sheet material that is easy to apply in various projects. It consists of birch plywood with a special plastic epoxy layer (phenolic coating) on the top and bottom, which makes the sheet suitable for many applications. This layer is also called a film. As the name suggests, phenolic plywood birch is made up of birch veneer layers. These veneer layers are the same colour, so that the side view of the sheets gives a sleek result. The veneer layers are externally bonded through a crosswise connection. Birch is characterized by its strong and stable properties. The crosswise connection of the veneer layers makes the sheet strong and prevents bending. However, it still has a wooden core that allows phenolic plywood to warp.

The plastic top layer of this sheet material has a dark brown colour. A universal colour that comes into its own in many projects, perfect for use in the garden. The sheet is suitable for intensive use. Because birch is naturally is very smooth, the top layer is smooth and of high quality. The top layer of phenolic plywood birch needs no finishing, so you can get started right away! This makes it important to give the sheet edges extra attention and to finish them with an edge sealer when you will be using the sheet in humid conditions.

Available thicknesses of phenolic plywood birch

Phenolic plywood birch is available in different thicknesses and with various top layer colours. Specify the desired thickness easily when configuring phenolic plywood birch dark brown. Phenolic plywood birch dark brown can be ordered in the following thicknesses: 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 21 mm, 24 mm and 30 mm.

Machining phenolic plywood birch sheets

It is easy to process, and the layers are alternating. Phenolic plywood birch dark brown is characterized by its strength and moisture resistance. The material is suitable for humid areas both indoors and outdoors. It is important to countersink the edges and (screw) holes of phenolic plywood (at least 2 mm) and to finish well with epoxy filler and an edge sealer. Do not over tighten lock bolts. The top layer requires no further post-treatment. Phenolic plywood can splinter during assembly. Use sharp tools and preferably screw at least 2.0 cm from the edges. When these sheets are used outdoors, it is important to treat the sheet edges with an edge sealer to protect the moisture-resistant properties.

Specific applications of phenolic plywood birch

Phenolic Plywood is mainly used for formwork for pouring concrete. Because of its smooth and hard top layer, the product lends itself perfectly to this and owes its name to it. Because the plastic layer is very strong and waterproof, it can also be used for other applications. For example, covering for a company car, furniture in industrial environments, playground equipment, animal cages or a slide. But Phenolic Plywood birch is also used as an information board or in stand construction.

Phenolic plywood falls into the category of structural sheets. The sheet material is strong and ideal for structural purposes. Sheet material with a phenolic resin top layer such as phenolic plywood birch dark brown is very sensitive to scratching.

Alternatives to dark brown birch phenolic plywood sheets

Is Betonplex birch dark brown not the right panel material for your job? Go for unfinished plywood birch or for plywood birch white. Another good alternative is anti-slip concrete plywood when you are looking for strong concrete plywood with a slip-resistant and mesh-resistant top layer. Or take a look at our other types of concreteplex.

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