Creative with board material? Go for melamine-coated board material. There are many different brands supplying melamine-coated boards: on-trend colours and textures, as well as natural and catchy bright colours of melamine boards. There is a colour or texture available for every style and desire.

Melamine is the lesser-known brother of HPL and often comes from the same brand, so the colour pairing within 1 brand is the same. Melamine is also a hard, pressed layer that is glued to a backing. But the top layer is less thick than an HPL top layer. This makes this material cheaper and you can choose a carrier with an HPL top layer for the scratch-sensitive parts of your project and a melamine panel for the other parts. Handy! What can you make with melamine finished boards? Think shelves, doors, desks, cabinets, kitchen cupboards, bedside tables, sofas, and much more!

Are you curious to know how others did it? And would you like to see more inspiration with melamine panels? Check out this page for more inspiration, tips and experiences on how to use melamine for your next project.

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