Ton sur ton

If you like a clean, modern look in your interiors, the ton-sur-ton style might be for you. This style uses different shades of the same colour to create a calm and harmonious atmosphere. And with custom-sawn mdf, plywood, melamine-coated particleboard or HPL, you can create beautiful furniture and decorations that fit this style perfectly.

A fun DIY project is to make a tone-on-tone bookcase from custom-sawn mdf. Choose a neutral colour, such as grey or beige, and cut the mdf to size to make shelves and side panels. Are you a novice handyman? Then make use of our TOSIZE Furniture line. That's how you make your custom-made shelving unit, with a little help from us. Complete the furniture by painting it different shades of the same colour. 

Another idea is to create a tone-on-tone wall shelf from custom-sawn plywood. Choose a quiet type of wood such as plywood birch and have it cut to your desired dimensions to then make an elongated shelf. Paint the shelf in different shades of the same colour and attach it to the wall with invisible brackets. Use the wall shelf to display books, picture frames and other decorative items.

Finally, you can also make a tonal side table from custom-sawn melamine-covered chipboard. Choose a nice shade and specify the desired dimensions. No need to paint these panels. That makes your project quick and easy to realise. This way, you will quickly have created a beautiful piece of furniture that perfectly matches the ton-sur-ton style.

In short, with cut-to-size mdf, plywood, melamine-faced chipboard or hpl you can create beautiful DIY projects in the ton-sur-ton style. Use different shades of the same colour to create a calm and harmonious atmosphere in your interior. Let your creativity run wild and create unique and personal furniture and decorations that perfectly match your style.