Are you looking for fun DIY projects for your office? Then you've come to the right place! We have made a cool selection of projects that are all perfect for the office. What are you going to make?


Every office needs a good place to work and a desk is essential for that. There are plenty of desks in fixed sizes, but they often don't quite fit in the office. A made-to-measure desk does. Besides, you can make a made-to-measure desk out of many different types of wood, so you can make a DIY desk that fits in perfectly with the rest of your office. All you have to do is mount the legs and finish the wood nicely.


If you need space for books or for example the administration, then a bookcase is a good choice. And what is better than a bookcase that completely fits your wishes and interior? You determine the wood type, dimensions and layout and we will saw all components to size. Handy, right?

What are you going to make for the office? Get inspired by our projects below and get to work!