Unique TOSIZE Furniture custom cabinet, by Design Studio Nu

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TOSIZE Furniture
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TOSIZE Furniture
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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Design Studio Nu shares its experience with the custom cabinets from TOSIZE Furniture. They show that you can create a fantastic, unique design with a good and affordable basic cabinet. The cabinet was designed by themselves in the 3D configurator and then upgraded with spraying and solid oak slats. With this they show that the simplicity of configuration, the fast delivery time and their own touch allow them to apply a high-quality and unique product in a business project.

Description of Design Studio Nu

During one of our working visits, Bauke showed their new product. Because in addition to having sheet material cut to size, you can also go for custom cabinets. The TOSIZE furniture cabinet remained in the back of our minds until we had the opportunity to use these cabinets in one of our business interior projects. We decided to design a custom MDF cabinet with open compartments and doors. We have finished the ends with solid oak slats and the doors are equipped with wooden handles from our own collection. We chose Stick Square in oak in size 2 (7.5 cm)

How I made this project

The cabinets were delivered and at that time we had the cabinets sprayed , white RAL 9010. You could also paint the cabinet yourself if you want to follow this approach. We then assembled the cabinets according to the supplied instructions and the mounting supplies. We attached the slats to the front and sides of the cabinet, which gives a beautiful 3D effect and a nice interplay with the wooden handles. We did this with wood glue and then tacking nails into it. We closed the small hole with malleable wood in the oak color. This is almost no longer visible. Finally, we attached wooden handles to the doors. We deliberately chose the same depth of the slats as the depth of the handles. In this case it is 3 cm. When assembling the furniture, we immediately saw what added value these details have to create a unique appearance.

The handles from Design Studio Now you can view and shop here!

Dimensions of my DIY project

Height 131.9 cm
Width 162 .0 cm
Depth 40.0 cm

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How next?

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€ 793,00

All materials used


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