TV cabinet / LP cabinet pine wood panel, by Jeroen

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3 minutes

This page tells the story of Jeroen, who made his own TV cabinet and LP cabinet from pine wood panel. Jeroen shares his steps and tips for designing and finishing these pieces of furniture. With his DIY approach, Jeroen has created functional and stylish storage solutions for his TV and LP collection. Follow his steps and make your own TV cabinet and LP cabinet from pine wood panel.

Description by Jeroen

Cabinet for record player, 400+ LPs, TV, Playstation, CD player. The cupboard fits perfectly in the niche in the living room, finished with stain for a vintage look. On legs so that the robot vacuum cleaner can reach it.

How I made this project

The cupboard had to fit in the niche in the living room. First I lined up the plates to make sure it would fit. I wanted to see the plates, so no doors in front of them. I also wanted to get rid of the record player and TV accessories and hide the cables and cords. Therefore, above the compartments for the records there are storage compartments for the record player, power strip, router, PlayStation, CD player, tray for 'important things', and also space for mail, all concealed in the upper compartments. On top of the back wall, first place a slat of a few centimeters to attach the doors/lids, so that they can open and do not scratch the wall.

I chose copper piano hinges because of the look ( somewhat vintage) and the angle at which it opens and the minimal space it takes up. The front of the flaps can also be folded, also with a piano hinge so that you can open that part (the front flap) without blocking the TV (for the PlayStation, then it can cool).

I saw a recess on the right side myself, because that's where the internet came in with a small box, which you don't see anymore because there are plates in front of it. There is also a socket in the wall at the rear, which I took into account with the second vertical shelf from the right (it is slightly less deep). The TV above it is a Samsung frame, the TV cabinet is in the middle compartment. I got the legs from an Etsy trader in Germany. I eventually covered it with a layer of stain (teak) to match the color of the TV frame a bit and give it a vintage look (there are some dark spots, that's because I started with the wrong color of stain and not got everything sanded off).

Dimensions of my DIY project

247.5 x 68.8 cm

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