TV cabinet / cupboard with TOSIZE Furniture in primed MDF, by Richard

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3 minutes

Description by Richard

After many evenings of searching the internet for a suitable TV cabinet, we gave in and ordered a TV cabinet from Then get to work yourself. With freedom in design, inspiration from the community and the simplicity of ordering, the order was placed quickly.


The cabinet was delivered within four weeks of ordering. This will be delivered neatly on a pallet and carefully packaged. When you open the package, you are immediately advised to sort the pieces in order so that the cabinet can be easily built. The supplied blanket is a fantastic service-oriented invention to prevent damage.

The construction

Because we are not that handy, we had reserved three evenings to complete the 'cupboard' project. to put together. Building this cabinet system is easier (and faster) than an Ikea Expedit cabinet. Instead of three evenings of construction, the job was completed in three hours. With a clear description and a super simple system, the construction simply cannot go wrong.

How I made this project

The construction kit is delivered very complete. The supplied blanket is a good example of this, but also sufficient dowels, screws, wood glue, etc. We are very pleased with the quality of what is supplied. Complete, undamaged and well-primed so you can finish it right away. In accordance with the supplied description, the cabinet is constructed layer by layer from left to right. Using a rubber mallet and a block of wood to protect the cabinet, I tapped the cabinet onto each beam. The leveling feet on the beams on the ground are ideal for leveling the cabinet. We only deviated from the drawing and construction plan for the highest beams. Actually, we simply ordered the cabinet a little too high, so we could not lift the highest beam over the dowel. The upper beams are therefore only glued. Afterwards we provided the cabinet with a number of holes for cabling for equipment and painted it in RAL 9010.

Tips for other builders:
  • Don't hesitate, just do it, if we do it Even if it is possible, everyone should manage.
  • Go for a well-founded cabinet, the price difference is minimal and it saves a lot of work. The sides of the cabinet that you can no longer reach are equally protected. The manufacturer's primer does not disappoint and is fine.
  • Paint the doors horizontally without hinges and locks. You can then easily take the sides with you and this prevents drips for clumsy finishers like us.
  • Don't forget to seal the seams between the various uprights, beams, and back walls.
  • Order your cabinet not too high or glue the highest part. In any case, remember that you cannot tap the beams with a rubber mallet if the cabinet is too high.
  • Are you using the cabinet as a TV cabinet? Please indicate this when ordering. At they are happy to help you find a solution so that your TV will soon hang securely in the cupboard. Simple and effective and we had not thought about that beforehand.

Dimensions of my DIY project

H: 259.2 cm
W: 219, 9 cm
D: 40.0 cm

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How next?

Would you like to make this DIY project? This furniture is from our TOSIZE Furniture line. Create your personal custom-made furniture via our 3D configurator and receive it as a simple kit.

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