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Create this project yourself with sheet material cut to size by OPMAATZAGEN.nl!





4 minutes

Jenny from @huisgeluk had custom desktops made, Curious about the result and how you can easily have a custom desktop made yourself? Then read this blog! Photo credits: Jenny from Huisgeluk

A new office for Huisgeluk

Jenny has a new office for her blog Huisgeluk and of course it had to be nicely furnished. ! We were able to cut a number of desktops to size for her from .

h3>A table top made of MDF Lakdrager

The desktops for the new office are made of . This is a variant of MDF that has a lacquer-bearing foil. The fact that this foil is on means that you no longer have to prime the material and you can therefore immediately paint it in your favorite color. This can save a lot of time, especially if you make a large desk! Jenny has finished her desktops with a white lacquer, which keeps the interior nice and light and sleek.

Have your own custom desktop made

Do you want to have a custom-made desktop just like Jenny? to make? Which can! We offer a number of options with which you can have a custom desktop made. For example, you can also make sheet material with a great thickness, which can be sawn to size in different shapes. Which way of customizing a desktop suits you best depends on your own preferences. We will therefore briefly explain these two methods.

Having a custom desktop made

Making a custom desktop is what Jenny also had done. You then order sheet material and indicate during the ordering process in which shape you want the material to be cut. In this case you choose a rectangle with possibly the edges in miter . We recommend choosing a plate that is 9 millimeters thick, this is a popular thickness for making a hollow shelf.

Have a custom desktop made from one thick plate

Having a custom desktop made from one thick plate or panel is a second option. Instead of making a desktop from multiple thin plates, one plate is cut to size to use as a desktop. An advantage of this is that there are multiple shapes in which your desktop can be made. For example, the desktop can be sloping or even completely round. A disadvantage is that the desktop can be very heavy. A desktop made from one thick sheet is often a bit more expensive, especially if solid wood is used. If you want to have a desktop made from one thick plate, we recommend that you choose a plate or panel that is at least 30 millimeters thick.

Read more about what you should consider when building a desktop yourself. want to make a size? Read this blog article where we explain everything about the choices when you order a custom desktop.

Order a custom desktop

Do you want to order a custom desktop? Then you've come to the right place! As you have read, we custom-make desktops in various ways. Once you have chosen the method that best suits your needs, you can order the sheet material you want your desk to be made of. When ordering, you can easily enter the correct thickness and shape of your table top. Have you completed your order? Then we will get to work for you immediately. Once everything has been sawn, we can deliver your desktop to your home, but you can also pick it up at our sawmill in Veenendaal. Do you have any questions or doubts? Please feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

Dimensions of my DIY project

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Want to make this DIY project? Check out Jenny's saw list and complete your order easily.

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