Poplar plywood desk, by Karen

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Very easy

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Workplace made of poplar plywood. The worktop is 250.0 cm long and 85.0 cm deep. We first varnished the plank with three layers of matte transparent parquet varnish. The shelf is then attached floating. We also made a recess for the cables.

How did you make the table?

First of all, we sanded the plank (including the end edge) and varnished it on both sides. Cut out a semi-circular hole for cables and plugs, then measured and marked the height. Corner profiles sawn into parts, screw holes drilled in the steel and attached to the wall, so that you get a floating effect. Then the two of us carefully slid the shelf into place and screwed it to the bottom. Then mounted the cabinets, slid them underneath and placed them on top. High cabinet mounted on the wall, measured the location of the cork back wall, cut out the cork and glued it in place. Finally, we attached the planks.

What are the dimensions?

250.0 by 85.0 cm

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How next?

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