New large desk made of strong plywood okoumé, by Brent

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On this page Brent talks about his new agency. He made a new, large desk from strong plywood Okoume and then placed it on a base from IKEA. Brent shares his adventure and the steps he took to create this robust agency. He describes the process of measuring, cutting and assembling the plywood to form the perfect work surface. Brent gives useful tips for a durable finish and adding personal touches. With his homemade desk, Brent has created a functional and impressive workplace. Follow Brent's steps and make your own large desk from plywood Okoume!

Brent's description

Was redecorating my room, which also needed a new desk. I made the desktop myself from okoumé wood. This panel is 2m by 80.0 cm and I bought it online, then mounted the top on an IKEA base.

How I made this project

First I looked at Looking for a sturdy base that was also good in price and easy to mount a plate on yourself. After measuring my room again, it turned out that the plate was 10.0 cm too long (my fault). So I shortened it a bit. Apparently I also forgot to round off the top and bottom, no problem because I have a sander myself and found the rounding quite rough, I also found the other surfaces quite rough. I was able to sand this away. Then I gave the shelf a nice layer of varnish and placed it on the IKEA mount after drying. And my new setup was ready

Dimensions of my DIY project

190.0 x 80.0 x 90.0 cm

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How next?

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