Make your own windowsill from MDF, Jaap shows you how!

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1 minuut


Windowsills made of MDF. I couldn't find suitable window sills at the hardware store. Using MDF I could easily make these window sills to size.

Custom window sills

1. Measuring sizes
2. Order MDF
3. Use paint tape to stick pieces together. Then add Bison wood glue and fold the planks together. Apply a little bit of pressure
4. paint after gluing. I needed 3 layers before the paint was really opaque.
5. Wait 7 days (to allow paint to harden)
6. Apply construction adhesive to old window sills and then press the new window sills onto them.
7. Enjoy your own windowsills :)

The dimensions of the windowsill

171.0 x 19.0 x 5.0 cm

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